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Friend4rent ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa, Lissabon, Lisbonne), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra offers a wide range of erotic massages, including Tantric massage, to provide sensual relaxation for men and women ages 21 and over. Whether you are in ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra on business or simply need a way to relieve the daily stress, you will experience that a fully nude body massage will bring total relaxation. Though our girls perform their treatments completely naked, they are not escorts and no sexual services are provided. Therefore any money that you pay is strictly for a massage.

At Friend4rent ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra, we employ an array of international sexy girls who are not only selected for their gorgeous looks but also for their talent with erotic massage including body to body massage. During the massage sessions our girls are naked to enhance the sensual experience and you will feel your stress melt away with every stroke of their warm and gentle hands.
There is a wide range of relaxing massages on offer, including lingerie massage, a four hands massage, tantric massage, and also a massage for couples. If you are a good boy, your therapist might even invite you for an intimate interactive

Unique to other ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra massage services, you could even arrange for dinner and a massage; unwind over a light gourmet meal and stimulating conversation followed by a sensuous relaxing massage in the privacy of your hotel room.
When you call Friend4rent ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra you can be sure that our operators will listen to your requests and do everything they can to make sure that you have the most memorable erotic massage experience with beautiful naked masseuse.
Privacy and discretion of our clients is of the utmost importance; you can rest assured that we will never provide any unsolicited contact.
In some city,s our erotic massage services will be strictly outcall. So it’s visiting massage only.
We cover the greater ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra area, including Portugal airports and all city.s.
You can book your session online or call between the hours of 11 am and 1 in the morning.
If you want to start the day with an early morning massage you can book it the night before to get a sexy wake-up call from one of ( Portugal ) Lisbon (lisboa), Algarve, Porto, Coimbra’s sexiest masseuses.

A relax massage, also known as relaxation massage, is one of the most frequently requested types of massages that you can get. Relax massage for adults are offered in a number of locations, including massage studios, spas, and on an outcall basis. This type of massage is provided by professional masseurs and masseuses, who have studied human anatomy, physiology, and the types of techniques that can be applied to the human body to alleviate pain and help inspire a state of ultimate relaxation. When most people think of massage, they think of a relaxation massage, which is associated with pleasure and a release from stress. However, massage can also be utilized as a means of alleviating pain.

Most techniques used in relax massage for adults are similar to what you would experience in a traditional gentle Swedish massage. This type of technique involves a series of smooth, gliding strokes across the body's various muscle groups. Special attention is paid to areas where stress and tension linger in the body, such as the back, shoulders, and legs. In a relax massage, the emphasis is entirely on helping you to ease stress and tension, rather than working out any knots in the muscle tissue. As a result, many people fall asleep during this type of massage, because they reach such a state of deep relaxation.

Regular massage is recommended by many health experts, because it has so many positive benefits. A relax massage is capable of calming the nervous system, relaxing muscles, and promoting a higher sense of overall well-being. By stroking the body, blood circulation is improved, and blood pressure can be lowered because anxiety is alleviated. At the same time, massage has been shown to stimulate the body's lymphatic system, which is responsible for boosting immunity and helping waste products leave the body. A good relax massage for adults should leave you feeling well-rested, healthy, energized, and with a feeling of tranquillity.

It's important not to confuse relax massage for adults with therapeutic massage. Although therapeutic massage also involves directed stroking of the body and muscles, there is a completely different focus in this type of massage technique. The goal of a therapeutic massage is to alleviate pain or release the patient from health issues. Here at Friend4rent our services are entirely dedicated to relaxation massage, rather than therapeutic, so we do not deal with muscle pain or other health issues of this nature.

Instead, our sensuous masseuses are experts in the art of making stress and tension literally melt away from your body. With their training in traditional relax massage they are able to help you achieve a state of total relaxation.



If you want women to respond well to you, it helps to be a gentleman. Being a gentleman can mean many different things, but it doesn't refer to wearing a sharp suit. It relates more to behaviour, and the idea of treating women respectfully. This includes not taking advantage of them, or pushing them into doing anything that they do not wish to do. Our code of conduct asks that all of our customers remain gentlemen when dealing with our sexy, highly skilled, and professional girls. This helps make the experience enjoyable for both parties involved, ensuring that your masseuse will do her best to make you feel wonderful during your time with her.

To understand the essence of being a gentleman, look at James Bond. He stands as the ultimate British gentleman who manages to prove that good manners are the best way to get girls to respect and fall for you. Always dapper and able to talk about any subject with the women that he comes across, he manages to have his way with whomever he wants. It's important not to underestimate the value of good manners and respect for women, because they respond extremely well to it. Our girls are no different, which is why our desired code of conduct is one of good manners on both parts.
We only hire fantastic girls who are skilled masseuses. They come from a variety of international backgrounds, and all live locally in Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril, Sintra. Our girls have worked hard to gain experience that will make your massage an experience that you will never forget. They work fully naked, and perform tantric and erotic massages designed to titillate our customers. Nevertheless, they are individual human beings, who just like you, place a high value on good manners and being treated with respect.

If you manage to keep these factors in mind as part of the Code of Conduct at Friend4rent, you will be rewarded as our girls will respond better to you. It's not hard to tell the difference between a massage performed by a masseuse who is just going through the motions, and one that is performed by someone who truly enjoys what she is doing. If you want passion and attention lavished upon you, you would do well to show appreciation and respect for the highly skilled masseuse who is doing her best to make you feel wonderful.

The Code of Conduct at Friend4rent is simple: Be a gentleman, and treat your masseuse like a lady. This will make your experience far more enjoyable, and help your talented masseuse enjoy every minute that she spends with you. Regular erotic massages can be great ways to help the stress of the day simply melt away, in the soft hands of a trained masseuse. When you are a gentleman to her, she will go the extra mile to make your massage extra special, because she wants to see you feeling your best. Your pleasure will become her reward. Girls genuinely do prefer real gentlemen.

There are many different varieties of naked and erotic massage techniques out there, but the hottest of all them is considered to be Body to Body massage. This can also be referred to as Body-Body massage, Body2Body, or even B2B massage. In this form of erotic, sensuous massage, the masseuse uses her entire naked body to massage the customer's body. Instead of simply using her hands, she can slide her naked body all over the customer, rubbing up against him with the use of wet and warm oil and massage gel. This provides slippery lubrication making this type of massage an extremely sensual, sexual, and highly erotic experience.

When you book a Body-Body massage, it usually begins with a skilled and sexy masseuse arriving at your door. She will set the mood for your adult massage to come, perhaps by lighting candles and incense, if desired, or by playing Tantric music to get you more in the mood for relaxation. As the lights dim and your clothes come off, your masseuse will remove her clothing as well and start the massage with a basic rubdown. This will help start the process of putting you in a more sensual mood, as you can feel the physical tension melt away.

As the massage goes on, your masseuse will pour warm, wet oil all over her naked body as well as yours, to enhance the lubrication effect. She will then be able to glide all over your body, so that you can feel every sensual curve as it caresses your skin. With a Body-Body massage, nothing is left to the imagination as you are able to see and feel everything that happens. All you need to do is lie back and enjoy the unparalleled treat of seeing a sexy naked girl gliding her body across your and rubbing you from head to toe.

The Body-Body massage can be extremely intense and arousing. It is one of the most popular types of adult massages, because it can be so exciting. The massage will continue in this state as you become increasingly aroused and aware of every inch of your body being rubbed by your masseuse, until the time comes for an ultimate stress release. This is usually in the form of a hand-given happy ending, during which time you will feel the stress literally rush away from your body in a stream.

The end result of this type of intensive erotic experience is a feeling of deep satisfaction, warm happiness, and bliss. After a Body-Body massage with full release, you will not even remember what it feels like to be stressed. There are a few variations on this basic formula. Some customers may prefer to have two masseuses perform the B2B massage, for example, for an even more intense experience. This allows them to watch two gorgeous nude girls rub all over each other as well as on the customer's body, for a sensual visual treat that cannot be paralleled in any other type of erotic massage experience.